Positive side of Depression

Something Went Wrong

Depression – all we know about depression is that it leads mostly to bad things in our life. Well, so as you should know, yes, depression might be negative but it has its positive effects though.

Depression are feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Depression could occur to our society, ourselves, and our economy.

For now, lets focus on depression within ourselves.

Depression can even make us much stronger than we used to. Due to depression we might take things in a different way or we are looking in another perspective that we never thought would be much better. Just like Thomson once said:

” Depression is part of the design of human nature, and just because it’s painful doesn’t mean it’s bad or without its uses “

The effect of Depression is based on how we treat and deal with the situation. Depression is part of life as humans. Its uses will vary on your thought, idea, perspective, and belief.

However, depression could lead to positive effects or better decisions. Some of positive effects or how it makes us have a better life and makes you much stronger are the following few:

  • Makes us a better problem-solver and have an analytic perspective

Depression makes us to be much concentrated with a specific situation especially in decision making. How we think in problems might vary on the depression we might be experiencing. Those analytical skills could be put to use effectively in your life. For an instance, you are depressed of failing, so you studied and tried your best which is a positive effect.

  • Learn to cope with things

In the process of finding solutions in our problems and out of depression, we tend to learn to cope.  Poor coping choices will just compound your troubles.  We learn to adapt and adjust in the situation we’re in and tried to improvise base from the situation which demands it to do so.

  • Strengthen Relationships

Depression serves us a waking-call for us to priority important especially our family and loved ones. We tend to have much more time with them to relieve the depression that we might feel. Who knows, maybe they can help you to keep moving forward.

  • Became more compassionate and considerate

Depression may help you gain a deeper sense of compassion for others going through tough times. Due to a person experienced this, he/she can somehow understands others situation when in depression. Also, we became much considerate of others situation.

  • Became more realistic

Depressed people have a more realistic understanding of when they have control in situations than people who are not depressed. They also seek out negative feedback about their performance. A sensible view of situations and the people in them. They tend to learn or ask what went wrong. Also, being realistic, they could differentiate deceptions around them.

All we know is that depression can lead to bad things in our life but it varies whether we do something about it to change the fact that it only affects us in a negative way. Whether it would be hard, nothing would be lost if we try and try until we succeed.


The following are the postitive effects of depression:

  • Makes us a better problem-solver and have an analytic perspective
  • Learn to cope with things
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Became more compassionate and considerate
  • Became more realistic

These effects vary on a person point of view of things whether to focus or vary to either the positive or the negative effect.


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